A hospital construction contract signed

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A hospital construction contract signed
A hospital construction contract signed

The City of Warsaw has signed an agreement with a contractor for building a hospital providing room for 309 patients, which is to be built on the corner of Rtm. Pileckiego and Indiry Gandhi Streets. It is intended to serve the residents of the southern districts, i.e. Ursynów and Wilanów, but the residents of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship will also be treated there.

We all have been aware of the need for a hospital at that location for 20 years. And as I have promised the Varsovians, it will be built. Today I can assure you that it will happen - we have signed an agreement with a contractor. In 36 months’ time, on this exact spot will be a hospital with room for 309 beds; the amount of PLN 400 million was allocated for the construction. The road to get here was a rocky one, but we managed to overcome all the obstacles, and as I had promised a hospital will be built here.” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

The analysis we have carried out suggests that a hospital located here will have a potential patient pool of 250 thousand people - the residents of the nearest district, i.e. Ursynów. Counting in the residents of the Wilanów District, Piaseczno County and the areas located along the planned ring road and the A2 motorway, the hospital’s potential patient pool will be 300-350 thousand people.

The construction works will be carried out by the consortium consisting of the following companies: Erbud S.A., Strabag Spółka  z o.o., Strabag AG and Ed. Züblin AG.
The hospital will be comprised of three five-storey buildings. A helicopter landing pad customised for the helicopters of the Medical Air Rescue will be located on the roof of one of them.
The total useful floor area of the main buildings A, B, and C will be 42375.64 m². The hospital blueprint includes all the facilities and standards specified in the current regulations concerning building usage by people with disabilities. The planned car park also includes comprehensive solutions.