55th season of Chopin Concerts in Royal Łazienki Park

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photo: PZ Studio
photo: PZ Studio

On Sunday afternoon, May 18, the Royal Baths Park was bathed in the sun. Very quickly, the audience took all the benches and the freshly mown lawns were covered with blankets on which young music enthusiasts and parents with children sat. The opening concert of the 55th season of Chopin Concerts had long been awaited by the lovers of Chopin's music. The tourists didn't disappoint either.

Languages of the representatives of different nations mingled with the singing of the birds and the feeling was that it was truly Warsaw's biggest summer music lounge. At 12, Marek Drewnowski, an excellent interpreter of the music of the great master, sat at the piano. His special guest was Izabela Kłosińska who, with her extremely strong and at the same time delicate soprano, sang four songs by Chopin: "Życzenie," "Piosenka litewska," "Lecą liście z drzew" and "Śliczny chłopiec." For the following 40 minutes, Marek Drewnowski charmed the audience with Chopin's music and he made several changes to the repertoire so as to convey the essence of the composer's genius as accurately as possible. This wonderful atmosphere of Sunday concerts will continue until the end of September, so there is plenty of time to experience it and to feed the spirit with the music flowing from the statue of Frederic Chopin.

The history of concerts at the Chopin monument dates back to 1959. Since that time, the meetings by the monument of Chopin have undergone many metamorphoses. Initially, the concert season was inaugurated with an orchestra-accompanied concerto. In the 1980's, the afternoon concert took on the verbal-musical form, with not just pianists performing at the monument, but also famous actors reciting Romantic poetry. At present, the concert formula consists of both recitals by young pianists, only just taking their first steps on the international stages, and world-renowned interpreters of Chopin's music.

The concerts are co-organised by: The Frederic Chopin Society and Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw.
The patron of Chopin Concerts is LOTTO.
Media patronage: RMF Classic, Gazeta Wyborcza, Co jest grane, Metro,, In Your Pocket.

From Warsaw to Paris

Since 2010, Stołeczna Estrada also organises musical concerts presenting the works of Frederic Chopin in Paris. In the Luxembourg Gardens, which are like Paris' Royal Łazienki Park, each Sunday throughout June and July, recitals of Polish pianists are held, which have become extremely popular and gather thousands of Parisians.
In the 2014 season, concerts will be held each Sunday, from 15 June to 13 July.


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