19 million zloty for Warsaw’s historic buildings

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19 million zloty for Warsaw’s historic buildings
19 million zloty for Warsaw’s historic buildings

The city is launching another tranche of the subsidy for conservation, renovation and construction work to be performed on Warsaw’s historic buildings. During the session on 22 June the councillors made the decision to provide nearly PLN 19 million in funding for this purpose.

Warsaw has taken care of its historic buildings for many years, allocating funds to their renovation. Our financial support can cover as much as 90 percent of all costs. Thanks to this, many owners of historic buildings have decided to launch conservation works, which bring benefits to both them and the city at large. This money creates an opportunity for a lot of Warsaw’s historic buildings to regain their former splendour,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

Funding will be granted to 74 sites. The list of historic buildings owned by private individuals, housing communities and public and private institutions is very interesting. This year there are many more of them than in the previous years. A lot of the beneficiaries include housing communities in the Old Town. The tenements at the market squares of the Old and New Town, in Krzywe Koło, and on Świętojańska, Piwna, Piekarska, Rycerska, Kościelna, Mostowa and Freta Streets will receive renovated façades and new roofs.

In the Śródmieście District one of the few remaining Art Nouveau tenements, which was built in 1905-1906 and is located at 47 Jerozolimskie Ave., and the Krasinski Estate Library and Museum at 9 Okólnik St., will be renovated. The subsidy funds will also allow the renovation of the facade of the Jabłkowski Brothers House on Bracka Street. Money for renovation will also go the owners of the six-storey tenement from 1938 located at 21 Wilcza Street.  The city will also fund the modernisation of the façade of the 20th century tenement at 24 Koszykowa Street.

The Traugutt Fort will once again receive funds. It will receive the subsidy for the second time. Other buildings will also be renovated, such as the Literature House on Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, the Warsaw Citadel Legion Fort, the Glass House at Mickiewicza Street, which is considered the best Polish implementation of the five principles of modern architecture formulated by the precursor of modernism, the Baroque-Revival Zamoyski Palace at 1/2/4 Foksal Street, or the Art Nouveau tenement on Kłopotowskiego Street in the Praga-Północ District. Subsidies will also be granted for smaller structures, such as shrines, tombstones and enclosures on the Powązkowski, Evangelical and Reformed, Evangelical-Augsburg and Jewish cemeteries.