1752 projects – decide on which one to vote for!

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1752 projects – decide on which one to vote for! Fot. R.Motyl
1752 projects – decide on which one to vote for! Fot. R.Motyl

The review of projects submitted for the third edition of participatory budgeting is complete. Residents of Warsaw may choose from 1,752 projects. They will vote online or in person in one district in the second part of June.

Project review process
The review of 2,649 projects submitted for participatory budgeting took place until 31 May. All the projects were reviewed for formal and legal compliance. The authors of turned-down projects were given three days to appeal. 200 appeals were filed to District Offices for another review by district participatory budgeting teams. As a result of the appeals, over 80 projects were ultimately approved. All the projects can be viewed on:

In the third edition of participatory budgeting, 517 projects (19%) were turned down (last year it was also 19%), while 380 concepts (14%) were withdrawn by the project authors themselves.

Why some of the projects were turned down?

•    author’s refusal to make to the necessary changes in the projects
•    no response from the author to the suggested changes
•    the project’s objectives were outside the remit of Warsaw’s authorities
•    it was impossible to carry out the project within one year
•    the project was located on property that was not within the authority of the Capital City of Warsaw
•    the planned development was not in line with the Local Land Development Plan;
•    there are claims related to the property on which the project was to be located
•    the project did not meet the so called accessibility criterion – projects submitted for participatory budgeting must be available to all local residents.

The authors of approved projects may now promote them until the end of the voting – for example, during district events.

Poster designs, which can be downloaded from the website, have been prepared for that purpose. It is also the time for the residents to learn more about the projects and decide on which ones to vote for.

The final stage is the voting between 14 and 24 June on the projects to be carried out in the next budget year. Every resident of the Capital City is entitled to vote, online or in person, in one of the districts of their choice. Lists of projects accepted for implementation in 2017 will be announced by 15 July 2016.