“Warsaw volunteers" planted 700 trees

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“Warsaw volunteers” planted 700 trees
“Warsaw volunteers” planted 700 trees

In the Lasek na Kole forest, volunteers from six schools from the Wola District planted 700 trees together with Warsaw forest officers. The students who took part in this project are “Warsaw volunteers” – participants in a project aiming to develop volunteer service in the capital, implemented by the Social Communication Centre.

Young Varsovians can influence the surrounding environment. Thanks to such actions we show young people that even small and one-off activities can translate into macroscale effects. Environmental education is not only classes in schools or at the Centre for Nature and Forestry Education. This experience can bear fruit in the future, said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

“Warsaw volunteers”
“Warsaw volunteers” is a project implemented by the Social Communication Centre of the City of Warsaw. It entails long-lasting activities for the development of voluntary service in Warsaw. One of the objectives of the project is to promote the idea of voluntary service among young people by providing systemic support to voluntary-service clubs in schools.

The idea of voluntary service in school is particularly important, because of the possibility of achieving different objectives at the same time. These include sensitising pupils to the needs of the local environment, promoting spending free time in a productive way and integrating the student communities. Performing voluntary services is an opportunity for the students to develop their interests and gain experience, as well as vocational and social skills.
Warsaw volunteers actively support various spheres of social life by cooperating with non-governmental organisations and municipal institutions, such as museums, libraries, community centres, hospitals, hospices and social welfare centres.

Warsaw trees
In 2015 Warsaw gained 21 295 new trees. Tree planting activities have been entrusted to the districts of Warsaw and municipal units, such as the Public Area Authority, City Cleaning Authority and Municipal Forests – Warsaw.
Nearly 6000 trees have been planted since the beginning of 2016. Warsaw forest officers planted these in Wydma Żerańska (4000 trees), Bródnowski Forest (700), the Sobieskiego w Wawrze forest complex (600) and Młociński Forest (500).