#DajZiemiOddech – not only during the World Earth Day

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#DajZiemiOddech – not only during the World Earth Day
#DajZiemiOddech – not only during the World Earth Day

22 April is the date of celebrating the World Earth Day. During this year's celebrations Warsaw is running the #DajZiemiOddech initiative, showing its residents how they can help our planet on a daily basis.

"Due to the current epidemic situation, we will celebrate the Earth Day where the lives of many of us are right now, i.e. the virtual world.  We are symbolically reminding everyone of the fragility of our planet's ecosystem, of its great impact on our health and on the importance of our continuous care for the environment. This is even more important today, when we are clearly seeing how climate changes and polluted air negatively influence us as well as animal and plant species," said Justyna Glusman, Head Coordinator for Sustainable Development and Greenery of the City of Warsaw.

As part of the #DajZiemiOddech initiative, the city's social media profiles provide tips and suggestions which can help the planet and its resources. They encourage small changes which everyone can make in their everyday lives, even now, during the quarantine.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, 22 April, the Palace of Culture and Science and the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge were illuminated green.
A better condition of the natural environment can be achieved through saving water and electricity, well considered shopping, using multiple-use dishes, compost packaging, and also limiting the use of fireplaces and abandoning waste burning, including of leaves and mown grass.

Let's fight for clean air and more water
Warsaw is performing intensified measures for the replacement of coal stoves with ecological heat sources, both in municipal and privately owned buildings. The residents interested in environmentally friendly ways to heat their homes can take advantage of City of Warsaw's subsidies for the replacement of high-emission stoves. Now applications for subsidising the removal of old furnaces and stoves can be sent by mail, phone and post, and the amount of the subsidy can be calculated with a special calculator.

The City is also providing financial support for small water retention containers to collect rainwater. This way Varsovians can contribute to measures counteracting smog and drought. More about subsidies for environmentally friendly projects: