"City of Ruins" in 3D

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This year, on August 1st, Poles celebrated the 66th anniversary of Warsaw Rising. At this occasion, The Warsaw Rising Museum presented a 3D movie "City of Ruins", which can be seen in a specially prepared cinema. The movie is the first digital reconstruction of Warsaw destroyed after World War II.

The motive used is a simulation of the "Liberator" flying above the destroyed and depopulated Warsaw in 1945, which shows the scale of the destruction of the capital city after World War II.

- If you did not see it yourself, simple images of war will not give you an idea about anything. Only the digital movie faithfully illustrates of what really happened, and how did the city and its ruins look just after the war. The ruins from which Warsaw was supposed to raise up. - said Jan Ołdakowski, the director of the Warsaw Rising Museum.

"City of Ruins" is the result of two years work of more than 30 people in the designers team. The final result was refined by Tomasz Bagiński, famous Polish graphic designer.

- Talking to the young people I realized that they do not know what was the scale of destruction in Warsaw after the War. They have basic knowledge from several photos of ruined capital city. Hence was the idea to show the 3D movie. The film would have never been completed if not the help of sponsors and the City of Warsaw – emphasized Jan Ołdakowski, the director of the Warsaw Rising Museum.

This movie trailer to be seen at - City of Ruins

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movie "City of Ruins". City of Warsaw
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movie "City of Ruins". City of Warsaw
movie "City of Ruins". City of Warsaw